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How Deregulation Services And Maintenance Works

As an energy consumer, you may be wondering how deregulated energy can save you money. Deregulated services are not a new concept. You may be familiar with deregulation because of how you chose your phone company. Just like phone service, energy deregulation allows you to choose between many different companies, as opposed to only Ma Bell or AT&T back in the day. Thanks to deregulation, your primary utility company will still run the power plants and they will still deliver the energy to your home through the lines that they own and operate. However, the billing and customer service comes from a third-party non-utility electrical provider. This improves the energy industry in a number of ways. Let’s examine how deregulated energy can save you money and who you should call if your power or gas ever goes out.

How Deregulated Energy Works

How deregulated energy worksDeregulated energy is a concept many power consumers are becoming savvy to and they are saving lots of money in the process. Prior to this concept, public utility companies would own the power plants that generated the electricity, the lines that supplied the electricity to various homes and businesses and they would also handle the pricing and billing. This sparked fear in many consumers and watchdog groups that the utility companies would soon start gouging consumers with impunity. With no competition to stop them, these public companies could basically charge whatever they wanted to. Now, with deregulated energy, consumers have much more bargaining power than they ever did before.