How Massachusetts Deregulated Energy Can Save You Money

save money and time paying your energy bill in MassachusettsAs a home or business owner, you may have heard that Massachusetts deregulated energy saves consumers lots of money when it comes time to pay the bill each month. If you are still hazy on how you can save money with Massachusetts deregulated energy, the following should help to fill in the gaps. As a homeowner or small business owner, you are well aware that every dollar counts. Deregulated energy helps you put a few extra dollars in your pocket by allowing you to choose the electric or gas provider that offers the lowest rates and the best service. Let’s look at how Massachusetts deregulated energy works so that you can apply it, and the savings that come along with it, to your own home or office.


Massachusetts Deregulated Energy – How Does it Work?

Massachusetts deregulated energy was introduced to the state in March of 1998, which broke up the monopoly that was forming between the three standard utility providers: NSTAR, Mass Electric and Western Mass Electric. Prior to deregulation, there was no cap on electric or gas service and consumers’ bills would constantly fluctuate due to instability in the markets and increased electric demands. Massachusetts deregulated energy allowed for the introduction of competition amongst third-party electric and gas providers.

These third-parties handle the billing and customer service aspects of the energy market, while the local utilities continue to handle the distribution of the service and repair and maintenance of the delivery systems. Hopefully you are beginning to see how you can save money with Massachusetts deregulated energy.

When you are able to choose with your wallet the best service based on price and reputation, you are doing the economy and the local energy market a huge service. You are also able to save money thanks to Massachusetts deregulated energy.

Never before have consumers been able to shop around for the lowest utility rates. No longer are consumers held down by the demands and high prices of the local utility companies. Thanks to Massachusetts deregulated energy, consumers are now spending about 15% less on their electric and gas service than before deregulation was put in place.


Long Term Savings

Prior to Massachusetts deregulated energy, consumers were subject to higher rates thanks to fluctuations in the market. With deregulation, you can choose the lowest rates and, in some cases, you can lock in those low rates by signing a service agreement.

avoid huge energy bills in MassachusettsBy signing a one, two or three year agreement, you can be assured that your bill will reflect the same rates you initially signed up for. This is great news for those who like to budget their electric and gas bills and it’s especially great news for those who don’t like surprises (i.e. huge bills) in their mailboxes.

If you want to learn how to save money with Massachusetts deregulated energy, start shopping around for the lowest rates in your area. You can typically find a list of third-party providers by calling your local utility provider or by visiting the utility’s website. When you make the switch, you won’t notice a thing. Simply call up the company in question, tell them you are interested in making the switch to Massachusetts deregulated energy and start saving like the hundreds of thousands of energy consumers that have made the switch before you.