Why Electrical Deregulation in New York Is So Beneficial

Electrical Deregulation Of New YorkAs a resident of New York, you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the electrical deregulation of New York. Prior to the late ‘90s, New Yorkers were forced to contend with the public utility companies, including Consolidated Edison, National Grid, New York State Electric & Gas, Rochester Gas & Electric, Central Hudson, Orange and Rockland and of course the Long Island Power Authority. This created a monopoly whereby the utility companies could charge whatever they wanted. This led to lawmakers stepping in to pass the bill that started the electrical deregulation of New York. Let’s look at a few of the benefits of deregulated energy in New York that you as a valued citizen can take advantage of at any time.


Electrical Deregulation of New York Equals Lower Rates

The primary benefit of deregulated energy in New York is the fact that the increase in competition keeps rates low. Whereas before consumers were forced into energy use brackets based on their monthly consumption, a very impersonal way of doing business, the electrical deregulation in New York allowed third-party providers to step in to offer better and more affordable services. These third-party energy providers purchase the energy in bulk and then pass the savings onto you, the New York business or homeowner. So right there, the benefit of switching to a third-party provider is a lower priced bill.


Improved Customer Service

New Yorkers everywhere will also experience better customer service. If a third-party treats a customer badly, that customer will be able to jump ship at any time thanks to the electrical deregulation of New York. With so many third-parties or Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) vying for the average New Yorker’s business, they had all better be on their best behavior if they hope to remain solvent in the coming years.


The Specialists Handle Their Specialties

A final benefit of deregulated energy in New York is that the New York public utilities will still repair and maintain the power and gas lines. The delivery of service does not change and in fact you will never feel the switch at all until you receive your lower bill. The utility company specializes in delivering the energy and the third-party providers specialize in billing and customer service. With the specialists handling the factions of the energy market that they actually specialize in, everyone wins.

so many benefits of deregulated energy in New YorkNow it should be plain to see the benefits of deregulated energy in New York. With more money in your pocket each month, better customer service where you are actually treated like a human being instead of a number and the specialists doing what they do best, the time is now to take advantage of the electrical deregulation of New York.

To make the switch, simply shop around for the lowest rates and then contact the company that you like best. Read online reviews to determine which company has the best reputation and compare and contrast the rates you find against each other. When your decision is made, contact the company and they will facilitate the switch.

The process is seamless, you’ll receive all the benefits of deregulated energy in New York and you’ll save more money each month when it comes time to pay the bill. With all of these benefits, it’s surprising that more New Yorkers haven’t taken advantage of this optimal and money saving system, especially since it’s so easy to make the switch.