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Is shopping for an energy supplier available to everyone?
Right now the ability to shop for your own energy supplier is based on where you live. By filling out the information on this page you can see if you qualify and what options you actually have.
How much money can a competitive electric supplier actually save me?
Due to rate caps expiring many competitive electric suppliers are now able to offer even more small businesses and residential customers options. They might be able to offer you an incentive to switch by locking you into a low rate or fixed price to save you money monthly. Not all areas offer competitive offers.
What an electric supplier actually is:
A company that provides electricity services in your area. If you are located in an area that offers choices for providers then you might have an option to lock in your rate. This could save you money when other companies rates increase, keeping your bill from fluctuating.
Why shopping for electricity is key:
While some areas are still not offering a choice in energy providers, the areas that are have already seen savings. Even by shaving just $10.00 of your monthly bill, depending on your usage, you could easily save over $100.00 every year. You shop around for the best prices on everything else you buy so why not your electricity?
What important questions should I be asking when shopping for an electric supplier?
Make sure you have a list for reference of the important questions you should be asking when looking for a competitive supplier. So it is always good to make sure you cover the following topics like the ones below:
  1. Are they properly licensed to provide energy?
  2. Does the price of energy vary depending on the time of day?
  3. What is the cost per kilowatt hour?
  4. Are all state and government fees included with their service?
  5. Along with the length of the agreement, can the price vary in that time and how will I be notified of any of these changes?
  6. Is there any penalties for changing service providers or an early cancellation fee?
  7. Will I start getting two bills, one from the new provider and one from the actual utility company providing the electricity?
  8. What incentive or bonuses do they offer for switching over?
Can I find supplier prices and information myself?
Yes you can simply by filling out the form on this page to see what you qualify for and from who. This pricing varies per what suppliers are available in your area.
Will my reliable service end with a new supplier?
The maintenance of your electric service, along with the reliability and quality of service will not change at all with a new supplier. The same licensed electric utility will still take care of the transmission and distribution.
What exact price should I be comparing?
PTC or price to compare is based off of the price per kilowatt hour that your electric distribution company charges. When shopping competitive suppliers ask about their PTC so you can easily compare it to the generation section of your bill. It is always good to go over the length of the effective price and make sure all other fees along with taxes are all included.
I'm on a pre-pay program will I lose my money by switching?
Regardless of who supplies your electricity, whatever money you have already deposited will always go towards any outstanding or new billing cycles, along with the interest.
Does that mean I can still get help with my utility bill?
Of course you can. Simply call your utility company for further details on which programs are available to you. With lower incomes programs are still being offered to cover part of your bill or regulate the amount of your usage. These programs are available, depending on your area, whether you switch suppliers or not.
Can I switch suppliers with an unpaid balance?
Once you have confirmation of a set up agreement to pay your bill on time, you may switch before it is actually even paid.
Do the shut off rules change when shopping for a new supplier for electricity?
Not at all. If you have a notice you will still have to call your current utility for any offers they may have to help you pay your bill.
What are the fees for switching?
Review your current agreement and see what the penalties and fee are for early termination. If you are not sure then give them a call to verify the fees for switching suppliers or for account termination.
Why would I want to change my flawless utility service?
Since switching won't affect your utility service there is no reason not to shop around for the lowest rate and incentives. The quality of the maintenance of your service will remain the same as it will still be monitored by the Commission who will continue to provide the same exact service you already have.
What will change if I decide to switch electric suppliers?
The three parts of your service are and always will be generation, transmission and distribution. Generation being the production of the electricity. Transmission is how the electricity is sent to your local system. Distribution is the actual delivery of electricity to all homes and businesses. Shopping for a supplier only means you are selecting who generates the actual electricity which will also include the transmission fees. The company who handles the distribution of your electricity will not change.
Will choosing a new supplier make it so I have to change out my current electrical meter?
Only some businesses have to change out their meters in order to switch suppliers. Residential customers don't have to worry about it but can always call their own utility and see if any advanced meters are available which can help you monitor your daily usage. This could possibly save you even more money by being able to take advantage of special day time savings offers.
Does it take long to make the switch?
You can still choose the date it goes into effect depending on when your next meter read is scheduled for. Which can take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks.
Will switching suppliers split up my actual electric bill?
Not usually. Most of the time you will still receive only one bill unless the specific supplier of your choice decides to bill you separately. If you go with a company who will be billing you separately then you will be subjected to two bills from your actual utility company and from the new supplier.
For customer service on repairs and outages who would I contact?
You would still contact your regular utility for these types of services.
For billing questions who would I call?
You will always contact your regular utility for any standard billing questions or concerns. Unless it is a specific question about the generation charges then you would have to contact your new supplier.